Rowan Briggs-Smith Artist And Designer

Rowan created five stunning images for Stars in 2016 when she was just 11! These emotive images feature throughout our website.

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I’ve always loved drawing but I suppose it was on a holiday in Suffolk when I decided to buy myself a particular range of pens (Promarkers) – I think I was about 9 -after that, I really began to draw every day. When I was 9 or 10, I realised that as well as really enjoying drawing, I could get good at it if I practised every day. I generally try to draw for at least an hour a day. I won a couple of competitions when I was 9 and that really encouraged me to keep going. I love all art (painting, drawing, making things).

Creating the images for Stars

I like using watercolours so I decided for the Stars images I would create backgrounds with watercolour washes. I also used masking fluid and white pen to create the white stars. Then I used black ink and a brush to draw the silhouettes of children and adults. I think the silhouettes work well as they are not recognisable people, but give a feeling or mood to the images.

I thought creating the images for Stars would give me the chance to try working to a written brief and also give me the chance to share my work. I’d like to be an illustrator when I am older so I like doing things like this. I hope people like the drawings and they help Stars.

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