As Stars appeals for funding to meet the rising demand for child bereavement support in Cambridgeshire, we share the ITV News Anglia broadcast of how one teenager turned to Stars to help cope with the loss of her Dad - you can watch Raveena Ghattaura's report here. Two hundred children in our region are referred to Stars every year, but with the increased demand for free counselling services that can support bereaved young people in Cambridgeshire, extensive funding is now crucial. Driven by a small, highly-professional team, with no central or local government funding, Stars relies entirely on donations to provide help for children in our community. Anne Streather, Stars Service Manager says: “The children who come to us are very vulnerable and very bewildered, so we are conscious that we need to work incredibly hard to ensure this service continues with the very high-quality specialists we have available for these young people facing grief.” To find out more about Stars and what we do, to Donate, or if you can help make a difference, please get in touch: