We are thrilled to announce that Cambridgeshire children and young people coping with bereavement can benefit from the support of Stars in the year ahead, thanks to a £20,000 grant received from the Postcode Places Trust.

This essential core funding award will enable Stars to provide vital counselling during a post-pandemic time, when its specialist services are needed more than ever to support children, families, schools and carers across the community dealing with significant outcomes.

"The funding will go towards Stars’ work with local bereaved children and young people, providing counselling support before or after the loss of a parent, sibling or someone significant to them and reassurance and guidance for their families," said Operations Manager Anne Streather. "We are aware that children and young people need time to speak about their grief and start to make sense of what has happened. Our counsellors help the children to tell their story; share their thoughts and feelings and realise these may be normal for someone who is grieving; identify coping strategies and create their own memories. The counsellors listen and encourage young people to express their painful emotions and create memories through creative and powerful play and work and thus move on with their lives."

This has been made possible by an award from Postcode Places Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery – we give heartfelt thanks to all for this amazing community support.