Stars counsellors, volunteers and trustees gathered recently to reflect on the charity’s successes of 2018; which included two new volunteer programmes, a family day, the improvement of business systems, and a great year for community fundraising across the Cambridgeshire region. David Culley, Stars Chair of Trustees, said: “This important knowledge share not only builds on the strong working bond between our trusted team, but it also works to inspire new ideas and information that can help drive continued support for those children who are facing grief and dealing with loss in our community.” The meeting also set out priorities for 2019, but with no central or local government funding, Stars must continue to source vital funds needed to cope with the rising demand for child bereavement support in Cambridgeshire. Following presentations and discussions, the day finished with a rooftop tour of King's College Chapel, an absolute treat for the team. To find out more about Stars and what we do to support children and young people in Cambridgeshire, to Donate, or if you can help make a difference, please get in touch: