How Does Counselling Work?

How Does Counselling Work? 2017-07-20T11:04:12+00:00

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Stars help children and young people to understand and cope with the confusing thoughts and difficult feelings they often experience at these times. Our counsellors will work one-to-one with a child or young person, normally for 6 sessions, although it can be longer.

Research* has shown that bereavement at a young age can lead to a number of negative consequences including anxiety, depression, anger, lower self-esteem and external loss of control. This can lead to disengagement from school, alcohol or substance misuse and can ultimately have a long term detrimental impact on a young person’s future. All our counsellors are highly trained bereavement counsellors who are specialists in child bereavement. Our counsellors at Stars offer a secure place to:

Our counsellors at Stars offer a secure place to:

 Help young people access and manage unspoken feelings

 Make sense of what has happened

 Improve communication between family members

 Create memories

 Reduce feelings of isolation

 Create the possibility of hope for the future

These healthy coping strategies enable young people to better regulate their emotional distress and move forward in a positive way.

*Thomas Coram Research Unit 2014