Fundraising by businesses

Here are some ideas for companies who want to fundraise for STARS

Are you a member of staff who would like to have a workplace event to fundraise for STARS? Try some of these ideas as starters:

What you need to do before the fundraising event


  • Make sure you have enough time to plan the event thoroughly
  • Make a note of all the tasks you think need to be carried out
  • Have you decided how the event will be organized?
  • Have you got enough people to help with the organization?
  • How much will the event cost? How will that be paid for?
  • Will the event cost less than the amount raised?
  • When will the event be held, where will be it and at what time?
  • What resources will the event need?
  • What plans have you made for emergencies, changes in organization and even the weather?
  • What is the plan if something goes wrong or is unexpected?


  • How will you publicize your event to help make it successful?
  • You need to include the following
  • What the event is?
  • Who is involved?
  • Why the event is taking place?
  • When, where and what time?
  • Who will be the contact for further information?

Getting sponsorship

  • Set a realistic sponsorship target
  • Seek support from your friends and people in your school
  • What support will you be able to get in promoting the event?
  • Start your sponsorship early – find out how people will support you before you commit to major expense
  • You must keep a list of sponsors that shows clearly their details and what they have agreed to give

What you need to do during the fundraising event

  • Make sure you are able to be at the event.
  • It is important that you know what is going to happen at your event
  • Try to get help and support on the day so the responsibility is shared, especially if you are taking part in the activity as well
  • Remember that you should not take undue risks and put others at risk too. The event should be fun and easy to manage
  • If you have invited the media to your event make sure you are prepared for them and have information ready to share so it makes sense and says all that you want to say

What you need to do after the fundraising event

  • Ensure that your sponsors record shows those who have paid or are still to give
  • Thank all your supporters for their help during the event
  • Send the sponsorship monies to STARS as soon as practical including information about where the sponsorship monies have come from
  • If you want to have the press involved in the presentation of the sponsorship money, give them and STARS as much notice as possible of the planned presentation date