You can ask a parent, family member, doctor, teacher, friend or any other professional involved in your care to contact us for an initial appointment – OR you can contact us yourself by phone or email.

01223 863511

STARS Children's Bereavement Service

c/o CPDC

Foster Road




So how do you get help?

Any adult or professional involved in your life can contact STARS for you with your consent. We will discuss with you the kinds of support we offer and what happens next.

After a telephone conversation it is often suggested that you and your parents and carers, if you want, meet with a counsellor and together you decide what help will suit you best. It may be that some advice for you and your parents or carers is all you want, or you may decide that one to one meetings with someone at STARS would be of help to you.

When children and young people come to STARS for one to one meetings they do many things including learning about why grief feels the way it does, thinking about ways to manage their feelings, tell their story and ask questions about things they don’t understand and discuss happy and difficult memories. Not everyone does all of these things, you and your supporter will decide together what will be most helpful to you.